Existing fleet analysis and optimization

As an expert in fleet handling area, Benussi Fleet Expert offers to its clients advisory service with the goal of optimizing expenses and raising the efficacy of vehicle fleet use, simultaneously minimizing the use of your own resources.
In that sense, with initial contact we advise the following steps:
  • Deep analysis of efficiency and usability indicators of existing vehicle fleet
  • Developing proposals of replacement of existing vehicle fleet with the focus on adaptation of the fleet to the current tax laws regarding the use of vehicles in business purposes, as well as future legislation and directives regarding use of vehicles and reducing harmful emissions in accordance to suggestions and directives from EU
  • Replacing amortized vehicle fleet with newer one tailored to Your needs.
  • Through model selection according to criteria of lower fuel consumption and reduced harmful emissions for benefit fleets (vehicles handed to employees for 24 hours use) we suggest:
    • Engine downsizing with the goal of reducing average fuel consumption (selection of appropriate engines, e.g. 1,6/1,7L instead of 2,0L with lower specific consumption per km)
    • Use of „Eco“ engines with lower CO2 emissions (under 130g/km in accordance with 2015 EU directives): eco/blue efficiency/blue motion/ecoflex engines, as well as convergence of fleet policy with the goal of future emission cuts.
  • Counseling in creating the „Footprint- green print“ and „CO2 emission“ policy of the company, including creation of platform for defining the strategies of low-emissions and lower specific fuel consumption models introduction (green fleet: engines with low emissions and low MPG parameters, introducing hybrids and EV, electric vehicles and suchlike)

In case of replacement of existing vehicle fleet with newer ones, we will fully assist our client in selling off existing fleet as easily as possible with the objectively best prices on market.

Our solutions and good practice will help clients in process of projecting structures of future vehicle fleets, all with the goal of optimizing expenses and adjusting to their needs of business.